Battle Mats for Your Games

We know that a good mat can make a huge improvement to a tabletop battle, and we have worked long and hard to make sure our designs and finishes offer the highest quality and best value.

Our designs are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit your game and space.

We offer a range of stunning terrain and bespoke in-house imagery which adds a new dimension to your battles.

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A Wide Range of battle Mats

Detail from Urban Battle Mat

Mat Materials

We offer mats in both PVC and Rubber (neoprene mousepad style)


PVC is a thin, lightweight and durable vinyl material which is hard wearing, scratch resistant and will last many, many years. Wipe clean (you can even write on it with a wet marker or chalk pen) it is our bestselling material. Our PVC mats are 500gsm, textured on the reverse to minimise slippage.


Our rubber mats are made from 2mm neoprene rubber with a cloth upper layer very like a mouse mat. Unlike cheaper alternatives our mats have a stitched bound edge which is visually stunning and prevents the materials separating with age and use, ensuring many years pristine backdrop. Rubber mats will also soften dice rolls.

Custom Mat Designs

We offer a custom mat printing service for PVC BattleMats, so if there is a design you’d like printing or if you’d like a grid or pattern overlaid on one of our designs, then please get in touch

Original Space Designs

Mousepad Material Mats

More to Come

We're constanly adding new designs to our mat range, just Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the newest designs.

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