Lone Wolf Adventure Game

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Lone Wolf Adventure Game

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Roleplaying in Sommerlund as a Kai Lord.


The Lone Wolf Adventure Game; introducing a new game generation to the tabletop roleplaying hobby.
Its a game that you can hand to new gamers interested in roleplaying games and they can quickly teach themselves how to play.
The game is playable right out the box - a new group can sit down, open the box and be playing right away without any expert help.
Its built as the ideal introduction for a new group to buy, as a gift from an older gamer to a youngster relative or friend, or as the perfect tool for more established gamers to use to teach a new generation.
The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is not only for beginners: the game builds in complexity from simple beginnings to a fully fledged roleplaying game just as suitable for the veteran rolelplayer.
Its not a demo set. It's not a hobbled version of another game it's full roleplaying game experience presented in an accessible and easy to learn format.
The Boxed set is also extremely desirable to Lone Wolf fans and collectors.
What’s in the Box
• Book of Kai Legends (80 pages)
• Book of Kai Training (64 pages)
• Book of Kai Wisdom (96 pages)
• Gatefold Read This First guide
• 6 gatefold adventure-ready Kai Lord Action Charts
• 6 double-sided blank Action Charts
• Player Tokens
• Narrator Tokens
• Kai’s Favour Tokens
• Luck Token
• Combat Results Chart handout
• Equipment List handout
• Map of Summerland

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