Battle Mat Books

Our Battle Mat Books are adventure tomes that travel with you.

A collection of encounter mats in a unique, travelling, lay flat and wipe clean book format.

Now you can have a Battle Mat ready in seconds for all of those random encounters!

Available from your local gaming stores and favourite online retailers.

The Big Book of Battle Mats

Award Winning Big Book of Battle Mats

Key Features

  • Available in Big (A4) or Giant (A3) sizes
  • Designed to be carried with your RPG books and to provide easy access to a variety of environments to be used for encounters.
  • The spiral binding allows the book to be laid flat and for each two page spread to be used as a single mat.
  • All designs have a 1" grid either as an overlay or as part of the design.
  • Pages are laminated so can be drawn upon and wiped clean using wet or dry wipe markers or chalk pens.
  • Designs are arranged so that they can be used as single pages or as part of a double page spread.
  • Many pages will work to create even larger areas by placing two books side by side.

Award Winning RPG Accessory

The Big Book of Battle Mats was the winner of the UK Games Expo 2018 People’s Choice Award for Best Accessory

"Big Book of Battle Mats is a MUST-HAVE for DMs/GMs"-

UK Games Expo 2018 People's Choice Best Accessory

Battle Mats Books

Sci-fi Battle Mat Books

Sci-fi games can now benefit from Battle Mat books with our Big and Giant Sci-Fi Battle Mat books.

More Battle Mat Books

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign we will be releasing further Battle Mat books in 2019.

This will include Sci-Fi themed books and a further set of fantasy designs.

The Giant Book of Battle Mats

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